Her energy is astounding. Her love and caring for us is incredible. She also pushes us to our limit. We love to work to please her.
~ Tonya Livingstone. Age 15
Valerie Mahabir, Artistic Director of the Desert Youth Ballet has been providing me her students for the Moscow Classical Ballet's Nutcracker for twenty years at the McCallum Theatre. They are always the best dancers on any of our tours. It is always a highlight for me to watch them.
~ Robert Friedman
"Miss Valerie clearly has a special talent for teaching!"

Miss Valerie clearly has a special talent for teaching! She is patient, energetic and obviously enjoys her profession. Miss Valerie takes the time to focus on each child and gives them encouragement and direction in a manner that allows the children to be encouraged and learn to love dance. Her expertise in demonstrating dance concepts to many different learning styles makes her unique. She clearly has a special talent for working with children and give them an enthusiasm for dance that as a parent would want for their child.

My daughter has been dancing with Miss Valerie for over 13 years and we have never regretted it. Brooke is the most graceful, enthusiastic dancer, who is properly trained in Royal Academy of Dance, London, England and completed her exam work this past year.
~ Robbie Lomes
Parent will tell you that one of the best things about Miss Valerie is her ability to draw out the dancing spirit in her ballet dancers as young as age 3. "One day my 3-year-old daughter tossed her leg in the air and said, "Mommy, teach me to do this!" said Pamela Henry of Redlands, California. "Miss Valerie took that charm and turned it into an artistic lifestyle or Michaela, who is now 16. Dancing so young became the foundation for all her other activities. I think one of the best things about Miss Valerie is that, while all dancers strive for achievement, she places a huge emphasis on the development of a child's spirit first and foremost."
~ Pamela Henry
My three little girls Petra, Frances, and Vreni studied with Miss Valerie at her studio in Vancouver, BC Canada for ten years. We were very sorry to see her leave as she was such an inspiration to my three daughters who are extremely disciplined and successful due to their ballet training. My daughter Vreni is a gynecologist with a specialty in maternal fetal medicine. Frances is a principal of an elementary school in Vancouver, BC Canada.
~ P. Kuret
Valerie was one of the most impressive ballet dancers to come out of Vancouver. She was always the lead dancers in all performances including ballets, musicals and operas.
~ Norman Leggatt
What a wonderful and entertaining evening we enjoyed on Saturday, complete with delicious reception, introductory ode to your life by your sister, a marvelous performance by your ballet students in the theater, and all beneath a beautiful desert night sky - simply splendid !!

We toured Narendra's complex and marveled at his incredible talents illustrated in the various design projects and pictures. The flow and sweep of the structures and buildings are spectacular, and he is to be congratulated on his visions and executions "out of the box" !! His athletic finale and tribute to you was a fitting end to the evening and honored a great lady with similar talents, expressions and movements albeit conveyed to us in dance.

Our sincere appreciation for including us in your special event celebrating 55 years of ballet, dance, and education of the arts to generations of young folk eager to live out their dreams and passions following your example.

With admiration for your spirit, dedication, and energy.

With sincere appreciation,

Mike and Irene.
I wanted proper training for my daughter. I knew that a teacher registered with the Royal Academy of Dance, London, England would be it.
~ Margaret Malcolm
I wanted my daughter to have a role model. Miss Mahabir certainly looked the part and lived it.
~ Kirsti Schultz
You girls are so lucky to have Miss Valerie in the Desert. She was the best teacher in Vancouver, BC Canada. She produced many dancers like myself who danced in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She was my teacher for 10 years. The RAD training was the best!
~ Kim Spencer
I think that perhaps all of us have a few defining moments of our life. Those are the moments that forever change the course of events. For me, one of those moments occurred on a hot day in September, 2003 when I took a shortcut down San Jacinto Drive and saw this beautiful building that said "architecture and ballet". Legend has it that I walked in and said something to the effect of "I need an architect and a ballet studio, can you help me?"

I knew from the moment I met her that this was a beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and graceful woman who would be a powerful influence in my daughter's life. What I didn't know was whether my kid could dance, so we let that unfold on its own. But as you can see, she has some talent in that department, but without Valerie to shape her development, that wouldn't have happened. As parents we feel blessed and lucky when our kid has a good mentor, teacher and coach. Valerie was exceptional at all of those things.

There are many kids who develop serious technical prowess in ballet. Those intrinsic skills are fairly attainable with hard work and persistence. But Valerie is a true artist and recognized that Austin was dancing with her heart, before she even really knew what to do with her body. It is a rare teacher that can bring forth the whole artist. I saw her do that with my daughter, and I know she has touched thousands of children and families over her 55 years in dance.

That is a gift. A gift that I know my family is very thankful for! Thank you for everything you have done!
~ Kim Eder
Going to Miss Valerie's Ballet Class is better than going to Disneyland.
~ Katie Flanagan. Age 10
She is the best teacher I can ever imagine having. I live here at the Studio every day after school.

I love Ballet.
~ Jennifer Madigan. Age 14
Thank You for sharing your talent and passion for Dance and the Arts. You are an extraordinary teacher!
~ The Hrycyk Family
Your event turned out to be a great success - which I am sure you were very happy about. 55 years in dance is certainly a cause for celebration! You totally deserved to be recognized for your dedication to ballet "done right" over many years, and for many accomplishments along the way. Hopefully it will inspire you to continue to put your heart and soul into your work.
~ Gilda Mahabir
I had not seen Valerie since we danced in Vancouver 36 years ago. Dance keeps you young and free from the ordinary mundane sea of thoughts. Dance keeps you young and free. When I stepped into the sacred space we danced again. Dance is the only step in our house of thoughts that does not creak. The space embraces you and encourages you to move. I had not seen Valerie in so long, when I stepped into her dance studio, I started to cry. The gorgeous dance studio compels you to move.
- Deborah Wakeham
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