The Dr. Winston Jules Mahabir Memorial Scholarship

The Desert Youth Ballet plans to continue to serve our mission statement through providing additional venues for dance performance, awarding more scholarships for deserving dancers, and giving the gift of dance to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to watch or perform this great art form.

Valerie Mahabir's father, Dr. Winston Jules Mahabir, had a love and a gift for singing opera. He was accepted to the Metropolitan Opera in New York as a young man. Instead of pursuing music professionally, he chose to study medicine. His passion of the arts inspired Valerie as a young child to pursue a career in the arts, particularly dance. In addition to Dr. Mahabir being a dedicated physician, he spent much of his life working to make life better for those less fortunate in his homeland of Trinidad.

The Dr. Winston Jules Mahabir Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to continue his legacy of helping others while honoring his love of the arts. Each year, qualified students of the Valerie Mahabir Academy of Performing Arts are afforded the opportunity to make their dream of dance education possible through the utilization of annual dance scholarships. These students may then have the opportunity to be invited to perform with The Desert Youth Ballet.

You can help give the gift of dance to a Coachella Valley youth by supporting the Dr. Winston Jules Mahabir Memorial Scholarship Fund. Every child deserves a chance to see their dreams come true.
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